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31 February  2018

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Another Fake book page

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One ride the leader did not indicate turns, A club President that doesn't speak when you do speak to him he walks off he is rude. oh thats Ok his mum and dad are there so he gets way with it ,

Another Member treated us like Children on one ride yelling at people on a ride is not good ,We visited a bakery where he yelled at some misbehaving Children that weren't his. They are not very Flexible , very narrow minded, Oh there are a few Conniving people in this club, oh they don't like this comment either what bunch of little sooks GROW UP! , i think its fair and honest something the world lacks Hello Mr D.Trump :)



Melbourne Bicycle Touring Club It is very disappointing that you have this experience of our club. Most people do not as a rule.


It might have been helpful, on the ride you came on (an introduction to *cycle-camping*) if you had camped with the group instead of booking accommodation in an Air B&B separately. Then you would have been much more aware of the things we were going to do the next morning. Having dinner with the group might have been good as well, rather than sitting with your buddy in a different room at the pub.


I hope you mange to find a suitable group to ride with. Good luck.


Thats because most people are afraid to tell the truth i never booked any Air BnB so please get your facts right before making a comment , its Strange how you seem to hide behind the MBTC logo to whom am i Chatting with reveal yourself ?? I never sat Separately in the pub with a mate in fact i had dinner with some members of MBTC so once again get you facts right it was lack of decision waiting for where to go for Dinner i was very aware of what was going on the next day there was no problem , I have done plenty of camping there was no need to carry a tent just for an over night ride Not everyone has super light weight tent nor needs one so please get your facts correct before making any further comments , I actaully enjoyed he weekend one problem with MBTC is what i have highlighted others are afraid to say So turn that into a positive Not a negative Be less Narrow Minded and more open to new ideas and events


Reply from Pete Sig MBTC


“You may want to revise your obnoxious and very unjustified review from our club FB page. Failing that I will be forced to delete your membership (or you may do so if you wish). This is a final and only warning.”


The Dandenongs Loop? Really ?? I think not. You have really pissed in your beer my friend.”


ED Note

So this is why MBTC wont move forward because it doesn’t like some  ones honest  opinion

Reply from Pete Sig MBTC

Sorry this has had to happen for you, however your continued (public) spatting over your 'problems' with the club and its operations, with never a SINGLE word being made *face-to-face* has meant you have caused some considerable public harm to our name. As you have stated on Facebook, you have been on just 2-3 rides with us, but you see fit to defame the good names of several of our members. You have barely touched the surface of understanding our club.”


“Perhaps think about how you interact with members of other groups you choose to join.”


Goodbye, Peter.


Cyclingfreedom  on behalf of the reviewer

This person had been on more 2- 3 rides  with MBTC On an Inverloch ride they   went   off to find a tyre  for a fellow cyclist,  Then on another ride from  Gisbourne fixed a  tyre  while Peter, Matt S just stood there and did nothing

WOULD YOU JOIN MBTC they are stuck in the past


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