Founded March 2012  

Formerly known as BATS Badminton rAcketball Tennis and Squash

Later changed to Melbourne Social Badminton as this reflected the group more it had moved to just been a badminton group


Our First Official event was at Melbourne Uni Sports it was a Mix of badminton and Squash the turn out was poor but the interest was good we ended only playing squash we lost money on this event.

But I wasn’t to give up as the group was growing. The next event was in the east at Badminton in Ashburton but this time everyone had to pay up front we did this for a few weeks , then held Events at MSAC , Victoria Uni , we went back to Melb uni for a few months, badminton at Monash had established itself with good turn out this was the same at melb uni both were permanent bookings


Then Mt Waverley opened up most of those going to Monash Caulfield ended up going to Mt waverly

In 2013 Melb uni was dropped in favor of carlton baths we did alternate between these venues for a short time but Carlton was cheaper and easier to book


in the early years we did hold Regular tennis events some were at melbourne park the occasional squash and Racket ball events also but these lost interest or other groups were established that took these on


The meetup group  grows by about 600 players per year approx of this 10-20% are active 

Some venues we have used in the past , but  are no longer at - Victoria Uni , Thomastown, Brunswick , Parade college bundoora , Bundoora Rmit,

Most of the group uses Venues mainly in the eastern suburbs, we have one close to city at  Carlton this is  the longest running group


2. Facebook group set up we haven’t done much with it


3. This  Website Established 2017 Now known as Carlton Social Badminton  we use opensports for all our RSVPs   this  site is open everyone to join and is linked to the carlton baths website


Founder of Melbourne Social Badminton and  Carlton Social Badminton website

About Carlton social badminton