Badminton cancellation

Waiver/Privacy policy Oct 2019
You particpate at your own risk on all events hosted by carlton social badminton
If you have prepaid /cannot make it let please Cancel by friday 3:30pm no refunds after this time  We will note regular/  last minute cancellation and no shows
We reserve the right to increase the price on the day if our total JOINs( Rsvps) on opensports is 15 or less ,this does not apply if you have prepaid online
if we have 16 -20 JOINs( Rsvps) on opensports it will be $11
if you are bringing friends please use one of our Prepayment options

Please try to arrive before 4pm
(The hosts don't want to be standing around to collect payments and checking messages  we want to play also)
Regulars (reliable) players will get preference will not need to pay online but still need to change rsvp by 12pm on event day  just let us know if  running late we  know who you are :) 
Last minute Cancellations are not tolerated  unless you contact us directly
If you make a habit RSVPing Yes then change this at the last moment and not show up you will be removed from our lists a

Please have some courtesy to all Hosts and do the right thing by letting us know
I am sure you would not stand up your friends
Privacy we do not share any personal information